Welcome to my blog.

I’m a British / South African exploration geologist with wide ranging experience (from 1981 to present) . Since 1995 I’ve run a specialist consultancy in applied bio-physical remote sensory surveying, working around the world in structural geology, mineral exploration, oil exploration, and hydrogeology. I’ve been instrumental in the discovery of more than 60 mineral ore bodies, more than 10 commercially viable oil reservoirs, and over 2,500 water supplies.

I provide specialist survey and development services employing pioneering non-conventional bio-physical exploration techniques (advanced forms of dowsing or divining) under the trade-names ‘Geodivining International’ and ‘Geodivining Groundwater Solutions’.

In my career I have earned a reputation for successful troubleshooting in these fields, with proven viable resource success-rates above 75% in the mineral sector, 100% so far in the oil sector, and above 85% in water supply development.

On this blog I intend to share some of my experiences, insights, and research, and some results from past and current projects as a professional Geodiviner. I intend this to shed light on the largely misunderstood and poorly publicised techniques and skills required in professional biophysical remote sensing for geostructural mapping, resource targeting, location, and evaluation, and reporting standards, as well as the possibilities for scientific advancement of this esoteric subject to bring it to a wider public audience, especially in the geoscience community.   DLB – Nov 2011.


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